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I think Drew pretty much nailed the gun...

The re-finish is nicely done but the polished trigger and hammer are a dead give-away the gun has been re-finished.

Often times someone who is not familiar with S&W revolvers will see the case hardened color on the trigger and hammer and polish it off... the trigger and hammer can be re-casehardened, but if you are selling the gun it would not be worth the trouble.

The stocks are as Drew said, Ajax... I have an identical set which Ajax was selling in the late 1990s. These were made using real S&W medallions Ajax bought at the Dallas Market Hall gun show from a guy who had acquired all S&W had when the English plumbers who owned S&W at the time sold off all the old parts S&W had in inventory.

Your gun should be a good shooter. Depending on where you are in the country, it could bring $350 to $450... and these days possibly more... prices of guns have risen dramatically in the last I would suggest auctioning the gun to get the best return... auction sites such as and both allow you to do on-line auctions of your unwanted guns.


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