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I’m a big fan of my PCR for my carry gun ... so I figured, why not pick up a full size to enjoy at the range? I’m happy I did. Another really fun shooter. The Omega comes from the factory as sort of a convertible - you can switch the parts from decocker to safety if you wish. I haven’t, but might do so at some point in the future.


With my PCR:


Added a few more mags, and (as I tend to do) swapped the grips:


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There are some very special and advantageous things engineered into the CZ 75 series pistols.

For one, they have a completely engaging slide and frame. Multiple surfaces wrap around each other, yet the machining is precision and absolutely smooth in every one I have shot.

This also leads to a low axis for slide operation and recoil.

Given that they are basically service pistols, but built to a very high grade, it's an outstanding platform.

I have a Shadow 2 and a CZ75 with decocker. Very nice pistols. It's no wonder they show up at IPSC / USPSA competitions a lot.
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