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Cylinder Carry Up

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On my Smith 624, I have one chamber on the cylinder that has a bit more drag to it when you cock it single action, making the carry up for that one chamber a bit harder. Could this be a burr on the extractor star? I checked under the star, and its clean there.
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david I had a similar problem with a model 19. After a lot of hair pulling I found the cylinder was out of round. :shock:
David it could very well be the ratchet is slightly oversized on that one cylinder. If this is the case, finding a file and matching the angle, stroke it once or twice will fix it.

However, it may not be. How does the cylinder's extractor rod spin. If you have some wobble with it, it might be the rod rubbing in the yoke shaft too.

Sometimes, just shooting the gun will smooth out (break in) any minor fitting issues.
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