For Sale: Pinky extensions for S&W CSX 10-rnd and 12-rnd mags.

Note that I have changed the names of the extensions to help avoid confusion (on my end!)

Air gun Trigger Finger Gun barrel Thumb

10-6mm (formerly Thin) 10-rnd extension

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Thumb

10-10mm (formerly Thick) 10-rnd extension

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Recreation

12-6mm (formerly Thin) 12-rnd extension

For a rough sizing, grip the pistol and measure from the trigger guard to the bottom of your pinky, then select the size(s) to order from this table:

2 1/8​
2 1/4​
2 3/8​
2 1/2​
12-OEM (for reference only)​
2 1/4​
2 3/8​
2 5/8​

These measurements will give you the minimum for complete pinky contact. I can make different thickness bases on request if you want just a little more or little less thickness.

Also, see the discussion here: CSX 10-Rd magazine pinky extensions availability?

I’m 3D printing these, so I only keep a small inventory, though I only takes a few hours to print off a batch. The bases are printed with a Nylon filament, so they are strong and heat resistant.

I’m asking $7 ea. for the 10-6mm, 10-10mm, 10-14mm, 12-6mm and 12-13mm, and $7.50 for the 10-17mm and 12-13mmNS, plus $6 for shipping, packaging and handling. The $6 will cover the shipping for multiple extensions. The extra $0.50 for the 10-17mm and 12-13mmNS is to cover the cost of the additional material needed for both of those bases, plus the additional time to print.

Payment can be made by PayPal), USPS money order, personal check or, if you are adventuresome, by cash. Personal check purchases will ship after the check has cleared.

Charles Hakari
5528 E. Morning Mist Cir.
Palmer, Alaska 99645
[email protected]