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Coyote's Circled Snowmobiler before rescue...

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And folks wonder why I hunt them just to terminate them.... ... ore-rescue

RUMFORD -- A woman who rescued an injured snowmobile operator in Rumford says a pack of coyotes had circled the man as he lay immobile in the snow.

Eric Westleigh of Rumford was discovered on Tuesday when Renee Robert heard his cries for help while waiting at the bus stop with her children. Westleigh is being treated for hip and leg injuries suffered in the Monday night accident on a trail off Route 232.

Roberts, an emergency room nurse, tended to Westleigh's injuries while waiting for help to arrive. She says he appeared to have broken both legs and was suffering from hypothermia. She says there were coyote tracks right up to the accident area.
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he was down, unable to move.. he became food....
( off topic but)
we are starting to have a problem with them around here. trash being ripped open, pet's starting to dissapear.. turkies,rabbits, squirrels and other small wildlife and becoming harder to find..
last fall we had a deer that had to be put down back by the pond,,it had been hit by a car late in the evening.(large doe). she was pretty busted up.. one shot. put a end to it's suffering.. since it was late in the evening, I decided to go the next day to remove the body.. by the time I got back the next morning most of the deer was already gone..
so i'd have to say that the snowmobile operator was just lucky to be found when he was..
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I dont under stand the hysteria. All you gotta do is go kill a few of them and they will move on.
Yet, another reason to ALWAYS carry at least a .38 snubby, when you're in the woods. You never know what's gonna happen. A .22 for woods carry.....just ain't gonna hack it!!! :eek: Never understood why anyone would carry just a .22. :roll: Bob
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