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Seeing as I have more then a few .45 Long Colts ;)

I added another set of molds and lubrisizer dies today. This is a RCBS set of molds 45-230 RN...Which I can also use for .45 ACP. I'm using this for my 45 Colts as a plinking load for steel plates. With it came a set of .451 lubrisizer dies and top punch. Great deal at $40 for all....

I already own a .452 and .453 set of sizer dies. Might be fun to pick a random gun and shoot groups from all three sizers. Funny things happen and sometimes the unexpected. Besides, it's freezing outside and I'm easily bored :D

I'm trying to learn how to regulate loads for particular guns and thought this would be a great little experiment...


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You need to get a .450", too!

My early NM Blackhawk slugged out at .4495"! Before I went to the trouble of checking that dimension out, the revolver drove me nuts trying to find an accurate no-leading handload! The best load I could find was .45acp hardball and that was too expensive for my cheap tastes. When I finally did start to size the bullets to .450", I could thumb seat them into the long Colt cases with minimum difficulty - so I got poor powder combustion.

I could've sent it back to Ruger, but thankfully, someone traded me out of it! This was back in the 1970s, and it is now much easier to send a firearm back to the manufacturer than it was back then. Some things do improve. :)


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I've had S&W 44 Mags that were so off on the cylinders that I bought sizer dies to match the charge holes. What a difference that made! Groups tightened up from minute of pie plate to very acceptable. The one thing that folks need to know is that some guns are not within spec. Tooling wears out before it gets replaced and the factories have specs that say the guns are within tolerance, even if off by a couple of thousandths... That, and some guns just like a diet of different loadings then others....


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Slug your barrel and check the measurements of your chamber mouths. Hopefully the barrel will be about .002 less than the chamber mouths. Size for a tight slip fit in the chamber mouths.

Go over to for a post-graduate education on shooting cast boolits.

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