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Pictures of my 1961 Colt 38 AMU 1911,serial number 156XXX. It belonged to a retired sheriff who shot bullseye with it in the 1960's. Jim Clark accurized it in October, 1961 and converted it to use 148 grain flat wadcutters 38 ammo. It has a 2 1/2 lb trigger pull and is still very tight and accurate. Mr. Clark converted a Colt Super 38 magazine to accept the wadcutter ammo.
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According to several research sources that I have read, there were only a few hundred complete Colt 38 AMU Pistols built at the Colt factory. Later they came out with a 38 special kit that could be fitted to a 1911 frame. Most were sent to Gil Hebbard and Jim Clark for accurizing. Both the complete 38 AMU pistol and the 38 kits are considered to be fairly rare. A complete 38 AMU Pistol that has not been accurized or altered brings big $$$$. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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