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Change 629-6 thumb latch?

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I have a 629-6 with the lock and new style thumb latch. I don't really like the new style thumb latch compared to the old style. Can I put an old style thumb latch on it? Thanks. :?:
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Yes it will fit. The cap should be the same too.

K L N X are all the same. J frame are a different size.
Thanks 500, will order the old style for it.
I'm just curious, as I've never even held a IL gun before so I just don't know..

Will the old style thumb latch cover up the IL hole?
I'm not sure, but don't care if the old style covers the internal lock. I don't ever plan on using the lock. I have 2 Walther P22s and I took the lock parts out. Will post when I get the old style and put it on.
carl418 said:
Will the old style thumb latch cover up the IL hole?
No, only duct tape covers the IL hole. :mrgreen:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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