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It seems that gun owners seem to like cars too so I thought I'd share.

I drove across the Cheddar Curtain for the Wisconsin Early Mustangers All Ford Show today. You know you're into cheeseland when you see the Mars Cheese Castle!

There were some golden oldies:

Some serious American muscle:

Shelby GT350:

1971 Boss 351 original owner:

Boss 302 with the Shaker hood:

Some marvelous Mercurys:

Mom's station wagon:

Nothing like a truck:

How about this "daily driver" Thunderbird?

The police:

A classic in the classical sense:

A serious example of modern technology interpreting the old muscle car era:

A neat 1984 GT convertible in the very rare "Desert Tan". The owner of this car actually has four 1984 Mustangs. Two of them are factory Desert Tan. Oh, and that's my Bright Red '91 Convertible parked next to the "four eyed" 'Stang!

Happy 45th Anniversary Mustang!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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