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by Cameron the Weim | Mar 30, 2021 | GUNDOGS, HUNTING
Candid Cameron: World Traveler

This week, Cameron the Weimaraner shares his love of traveling in the truck, but must admit that he doesn’t pack light for adventures.

One thing I truly enjoy is traveling. I just hop into the back of the crew cab truck and tell Mike to start driving. Yeah, sometimes I think I am a better driver and I keep trying to climb into the front of the truck cab to prove it. Mike does not approve.

He is also fussy when it’s time to GO. OK, he keeps the treats and food locked in containers, and he does not like it when I jump up on the counter and drink from faucets. He has created this situation where he must collect and pack food, treats (alias desserts for after any meal) and water. Yes, I am going to need lunch around noon. If it is served too late, I start shoving and reminding.

One other thing I like when on a road trip is a bed. That back seat in the truck is OK, but not up to my softness standards, so I need a soft and plush dog bed in there. While Mike is tossing things into the truck for our trip, a toy and a blanket would also be helpful. If I’m relaxed and comfortable, I can save energy for the hunt or fishing adventure that begins when the truck cab door flies open. Why waste energy shivering because I’m cold when that energy could be used for the upcoming hunt? I can calculate the advantages, so make me comfortable.

I have tried to help Mike be better organized for road trips. I opened an Orvis catalog and pointed (yes, I point more than birds) to the dog travel page and the kit complete with food storage, and water and a food bowl inside. I also wrote my name on a piece of paper to make sure Mike got the spelling correct. Yes, that travel kit arrived and my name is correctly spelled on the front. Embroidered. And this lets Mike know everything inside belongs to me. I like to be organized and travel in style. Only thing I find frustrating is waiting on Mike to fetch my bags when we arrive!
– Cameron
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