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Can you just imagine the noise level?

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Ever heard a 7.5" 30 Carbine BH fired? Try this on for size. ... =121275732
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The heck with the noise, I wanna see a picture of that baby letting one of at night....

Talk about a flame thrower :D

The gun is cool, On a very scary/intimidating level....

The Blackhawk .30 is loud, but I think the 22 Jet is louder. And the loudest is my .222 Remington 10" Contender!
The .222 Contender isn't nearly as loud as a 7X30 Waters.
My dad has had a .30 Carbine Ruger Blackhawk for many years and, yes it's loud. It has the curious habit of inducing a strange concussion that seems to rattle one's lungs within his chest.

I would think that this one would be even more of the same.
I would love to have that revolver! I wouldn't pay more than ~$150 for it, but I'd love to have it - especially for those times when some nearby shooter feels that it is necessary to shoot his S&W .500 or Desert Eagle .50 under the covered portion of the 15yd range where the beginner ladies and kids are trying to shoot.

A blackhawk in 30 is the "go to gun" for the javalina handgun hunters here in Az. As for a loud hand gun, I'll match decible levels with anybody with my 7X307 with the muzzle brake that's on it. Loud, nasty, you can feel the shock wave from four feet to the rear/sides
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THAT looks like a good'un for our friend, Gizamo, up in Maine. I doubt he has many neighbors to annoy, when letting that baby off in the backyard!!!! ("course I don't actually know this for a fact. ......having never been there.) It would scare off all the game within 1 mile!!!! :D Bob
I also have a .30 BH and it is loud with a huge muzzle blast, but my .357 maximum, 8 inch Dan Wesson is worse, and will light up a small eastern county at night!

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