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The bug out bag thread is timed well. I was thinking today about coming home tonight and starting a camouflage thread.
I started when a teen-I would often dress in gray or brown pants, with green tops, selected for the woods, even with solid colors you can vanish.
Then later came the break up camo for me-NATO woodland pattern. It is to this day, IMO the very best of the best there is for any of them. I've tried a couple of different real tree patterns-they are good, but it seems to me you kind of stick out a bit if you are not in the right, matching forest type. Or the right time of year. When correct, I think its safe to say one can vanish like nothing else, but this becomes quickly limited when out of the right place.
Not so with the NATO woodland stuff. It works-spring, summer, and fall. You can even do a fair job with it in a snowy forest, even though there is no white in the pattern. But as we all know, there are some great specialty winter patterns too, and the autumn camo-with the splashes of red in it-is really nice in late September and right through October. The Swiss make really excellent autumn pattern military BDU type of camo. One other thing I really like about military stuff is the overall ruggedness and quality. It wears and wears. You can get it covered in mud and dirt, and spray it all you want with bug spray, just throw it in to the washer and all will be well again after. (Note-NEVER use any sort of fabric softeners with the clothes you hunt in. The residue will make you stick out like a sore thumb to the game you're after.)
In years past, I have had people literally walk right past me, within 10 feet of me, along a forest trail that I was just off of. Dressed head to foot in NATO Woodland, totally motionless with a brown felt crusher on my head, they never saw me. Man, I could of scared the you know what out of those 2 that day. I have also had deer and other animals run right toward me, or approach me at a slower speed, without seeing me until I yelled and began to wave, just before being run down. 1 time I had to jump out of the way of a doe, with an expensive SLR in my hands at the time. I fell down backwards and could have just about touched the doe as she stormed past. As I am sure some of you do, I have other stories of what sometimes happens when you wear good camo. Lets hear yours!
The new NATO pattern, which is going to replace the woodland stuff (get your woodland while you can, its going to be gone in 3 years) I think Woodland is being worn only by air force personnel now, all others have switched to digital camo.
Most reports I get regarding the digital stuff are not good. It doesn't last long, our men and women in uniform every day are having to replace their digital stuff about every 6 months. Lots of issues with the velcro closures, and overall these garments are not as ruggedly built as the BDUs and other similar clothing is. This thumbs down stuff is even posted online. The digital stuff is already slated for discontinuation, that speaks volumes about it. Which is fine by me, I don't think it makes a person blend in too well, the colors seem awfully washed out to me. Digital was supposed to be 'the 1 camo pattern that does it all" kind of stuff, and it hasn't lived up to that.
"Multicam" is the newest stuff. This camo is replacing Woodland, and Digital, and some call it "the new Woodland". Right now it looks like all our Military branches will be using this pattern as standard in 4 years. Here is a link to a page of images of the stuff, click the thumbnails to see each image full size:

I bought a brand set of this stuff not long ago, and I think I will try it out this weekend turkey hunting. The dealer I got it from is a guy I've known and bought stuff from for about 15 years. He tells me my love of Woodland will soon end with this new pattern. The pictures at the link are fun and make me think he may be right.
The desert stuff looks great for late fall here in New England, but I haven't yet bought any of it. Yet, I said. I also have a real tree snow camo pattern and a German snow/pine pattern poncho that wears on top of warmer clothing. It works very well out there.

What camo do you like best? Any good stories? Thoughts? Rants and raves?
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