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Calling out Giz. were you the guy that had HP N131?

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Giz, I recall a discussion of someone who had two Highway Patrolman 28-2 with serial numbers N131 and N141. Was it you? Seems there was a story with them. If not Giz, anyone?
Reason to ask was today I was fondling a 28-2 number N121. Price was a little high so I passed for now.
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Wasn't me...I was more interested in the different variants then the SN's...Mostly was acquiring the older 5 and 4 screws or the oddball NYSP and such...

Sounds interesting, though :)

Thanks Giz. I know I'm getting old, but I still have a pretty good memory and I don't drink, so that's out, and I'm not senile where was I? :D
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