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Okay let me dig up a dead horse to flog a bit.
I’m loading 45acp (mixed cases) with 185g .4515 diam jhp bullets From Rose Distr.
brass is mixed military — predominantly WCC81 — and starline
loading on an old Square Deal B from 1986 but kept in tune and repair.
I have the sizing/decappong die set per Dillon specs.
powder funnel flare is set to bottom out with a .200 deep flare of about .4525
seater is set to give a coal of 1.20 and I’m being extra careful to insure that the bullets are going on square.
crimp is set to take the bell out and just make the case hug the bullet.

okay. So doing this religiously I’m getting a bullet bulge on about 1 of 10 cartridges that is bulged enough it will cause a FTF. It shows as a ring marking the base of the bullet. Happens on all cases in about equal frequency.

could it be the bullets at.4515 are too fat?

in past I had just run these through a Lee FCD and kept going. However, this batch is so bad it pulls the CTG out of my Forester press shell holder and jams firmly (pliers time) in the die. This with or without case lube.

i’m open to any rational suggestions. Throwing it out in the snow and pulling out the last of my hair is not a rational suggestion!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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