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Hey nut..

You know I'm pretty picky with factory ammo. I have posted about my experience with off brands. I'm headed down to Cabela's this weekend and have a $50 Gift card from my daughter! So I want to maximize it on some ammo.

I haven't heard of the brand you mention.

I have "fitted" by trial and error to my fav M29, Remington 240 SP for deer hunting out to 100 yds. I have some boxes that have price marked $11.95, 25 round box, now they are $38.00. I can't even get 2 boxes with gift card.

I may drop to 180 for this one and try them out. I can probabpy get 100 rounds of Winchester for $60.

Have you tried the Remington UMC ammo? I understand this is the lower cost Remington ammo. Don't know what makes it lower cost.

My goal is to have the best accuracy and lowest drop out to 100 yards. Oh and still aford to shoot. I always shoot what I hunt with.

The guys here are starting to encourage me to start moving toward reloading. It would take a while to get set up and get good at it.


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Reloading is something I have always said Im gona one of these days.I just never got around to it. But the way things are with ammo super high and Obama and the anti gun nuts he has surrounding him. Buying ammo is going to be a thing of the past. He is talking about 500 percent taxes on it.Plus he is talking about marking every round. The cost of marking every round to the manufactures with 500 per cent on top of that will be unbelievable.
They also are brewing up a plan to attack reloading. One is making a person get a special licsense to reload. Then making it illegal to store powder in the same room with primers.Just like explosives you will be required to make a approved building for powder and another for primers.But adding two and two if you have a loaded round you have a primer and powder and you store it.Im telling you every body is worried about there guns.I am to there is good reason.But they are going after ammo as hard or harder than guns.
Its pretty clever make ammo so exspensive you cannot afford to shoot it.They know reloading is going to be way more popular so they go after that to.What good is a gun if you cant get ammo for it.Just like with guns themselves, sure as the sun sets and rises every day that they will expand there ammo rules to limiting how much you can buy or store. And the same with buying powder and primers.
I shop at walmart but I dont buy guns from them.I buy the ammo there because I cant get it cheaper any where else.But when I pay for it they always ask me is it for pistol or rifle.That is none of there buisness. But I have to answer so I always say rifle.Im thinking anti guns nuts seem to think hand guns are more evil than rifles.
of course buying 44 mags they already know. The point is they log it in and who the hell they giving there imformation to.
I already dont like wal-mart because of the way they did the katrina victims refusing to sell them guns so they could protect themselves from the thugs.
I havent tried the cheapo remington because the winchester is cheaper.The 240 grain soft points.I wouldnt use them for hunting though. I like hollow points.I like to stay with the larger grains because I am a believer in big bullets for big critters.The last box I bought was about two weeks ago and they cost me 38 bucks thats inching up to a dollar a shot.I bet by mid summer they will be 50 bucks.
I went surfing around and found the cabelas bulk ammo and did the math and it is cheaper than walmart and the winchesters.
they have reviews by customers in there and they all say its pretty good stuff.But I posted in here to see if any body had any experience with it.I have no idea what type of load it is and how good the brass is for reloading. I was hoping some one that reloads has tried some of it and could tell me those things.
They have it in other calibers also and I have a 357 and a 9mm I like to shoot.I fully plan on getting set up in reloading very soon and figure if the bulk stuff is any good I will buy some of it and have the brass to reload.My uncle tells me winchester brass is not all that good for reloading. Im not sure if that is a opinion like ford verses chevy. But he has been reloading since the sixties and I tend to listen to him.
I want to go ahead and get a nice progressive reloader. They I am told are not good to start out with but I will have my uncle to keep me lined out until I get proficent with it.I may be paranoid but I think if I mess around to much longer I will have to show some reloaders licsense to buy one.
I dont want to keep shooting the cheap junk and want to make my own. I just cannot afford to buy ammo any more at the prices they are now.I find myself like many others just shooting my twenty twos. They are the bargain right now but once taxes hit them they may the worst.Because they realy have you on the rim fires not being able to reload them.

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I went to Cabela's today to spnd my $50 gift card on ammo. I thought we were in a recession. The place was packed and the ammo was gone. They only had some Winchester 210 SilverTip (4 boxes), some Hornaday FlexTip (2 boxes), 225 Federal (1 box), each 25 round boxes. I got 2 boxes of the SilverTip for $24.00 box.

I asked the guy there and he said all he had in centerfire rounds was on the shelf, all cals, there wasn't much of anything. No bulk at all at the store.

There was lots of shotgun and .22lr bulk, some .40 cal bulk, but not much more.

Even Remington brass was over thirty $ for bag of 100 for reloading.

Ammo is scarce and expensive. There were so many people in the store and most were in the gun sections, you couldn't get to the counter to look at anything. Whew!.

I also looked at some presses and dies and stuff to start getting prices to get started this year on reloads. They didn't have many there. Some were pretty chincy.

Do you need a press for primers and one for bullets? Or do you get dies for everything in one press?

I guess you got to buy what you need on line to find axactly what you want.

Anyway, Things are changing fast we have to prepare to do what we can.

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