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Brunswick Stew...

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Why not post a few recipes.... :D

Virginia stew of squirrels

Clean wash and joint three squirrels

Lay in salt and water for half an hour

Put then into a broad pot in this order

First a layer of chopped fat salt pork then one of minced onions next of parboiled potatoes sliced thin then follow successive layers of green corn cut from the cob Lima beans and the squirrels

Proceed in this order seasoning each layer with black and more lightly with cayenne pepper until all the materials are used up

Cover with four quarts of boiling water and put a tight lid on the pot

Stew gently for three hours before adding a quart of tomatoes peeled and cut into bits two teaspoonfuls of white sugar and a tablespoonful of salt

Cook an hour more stir in four tablespoonfuls of butter cut up in two of flour boil three minutes and turn into a tureen

This is the genuine recipe over a [two centuries]* old for making the far famed Brunswick stew eaten in perfection at Old Virginia races barbecues and political dinners

Chickens lamb and veal may be used in place of squirrels also old hares

* From Marion Harland's Cookbook - 1907
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Anyone eat squirrels out West? It's one of the few game animals I have never tasted.
Dan I tried them once.... over a camp fire. My jaws finally gave up from trying to chew them :eek: I would think they would be good in a stew if you cooked long enough. :lol:
You can fry the young ones, especially the hindquarters. We usually save the old ones and front quarters for stew or squirrel and rice. Byron
"Chickens lamb and veal may be used in place of squirrels also old hares"

I hate those "Old Hares" between my teeth...... PaaaAAATowie..... :?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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