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Breaking the boredom around here - S&W 631 inside!

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Well, to break the boredom that seems to be around here, I thought I'd post some pictures of my 631. I always enjoy viewing other folk's gun pictures, so here goes....

And yes, I know is a .32 MAGNUM, but all I have for it is .32 S&W Longs! ;)
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Always wanted one of those.

Needs a cleaning please send it to me and I will take care of that for you. :D Also interesting prop rod you got there.
Hey Ken,
That's one I've never tried.. how's it shoot?
Here's one out of the deep, dark recesses of the vault...
Got this one from member Hammerdown some time ago.
631 Lady Smith.
And the 'firing logistics' are great...lots of speed and punch with minimal recoil.
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Carl, it shoots remarkably well, and is accurate to boot! Kind of like a .22 LR but with alot more punch at the target (so you can see what you're shooting at).

As for the "prop rod"...I'd rather use them shells for that purpose, rather than shoot them thru my Ruger #1 as they were intended! It hurts! ;)
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