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bobcat vs. deer

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In the interest of trying to keep up with some of the great stories you guys have been posting here:

These pics taken last week on Hwy 3 just N. of Enterprise, OR and very near one of my favorite spots: the Wenaha Wilderness. (Cpierce - you know this stretch well I'll bet). I found the pics on a hunting site I frequent.
A lot of folks, even wildlife biologists, maintain that a bobcat only takes small game. Well.. apparently they are more than capable of taking a deer or two when hungry. (Note: despite the ear tufts this is a bobcat and not a lynx.)
Link to more pics:

This last pic (game cam) was taken in N. California and though a bit difficult to see is also of a bobcat taking a doe.

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I've taken many elk and mule deer there. That is gods country my friend. Most people don't realize how big a bob cat can get. That country is so silent you can almost hear it. ;)
I figured you were familiar with the area. I have a real good story about/from an OLD timer I met at the Joseph Creek overlook on Hwy 3... I'll tell you when I see you if you can remind me. Anyway i make a trip to this area every year.. in my mind I live there!
Not only does that cat have eartufts like a linx, he has the heavy hind quarters and leggs just like a linx.
Onenut We are already starting to see wolves here,the next thing these idiot's want to do is reintroduce the grizzly. :x
"next thing these idiot's want to do is reintroduce the grizzly."

Too late Pierce - they're here already. I have a pic somewhere of one on the Oregon side of the Snake. I'll see if I can find it. Biologists are of course playing dumb. They swim across from Idaho just like the wolves, etc do. Now NE Oregon has self re-introduced moose, wolves, and grizzly (though reportedly in small numbers).

By the way - did you read or hear about the recent wolf sighting (with pics) on Santiam Pass?

Makes hiking just a little more interesting doesn't it?...
c pierce said:
Onenut We are already starting to see wolves here,the next thing these idiot's want to do is reintroduce the grizzly. :x
About two years ago, the Az. game and fish camera took a photo of a Jaguar on a game trail just south of Tucson. I would be in favor of having them reintroduced on the border. Along with 'gators, grizzleys, and, a pack of saber tooths
Bobcat or Canadian Lynx, thats a tough call. World record Bobcat is 17+ pounds, the Lynx is a bit larger at 24+. It may be the deer is smaller than most of us think too. I think the snout/jaws of the cat is right for a Bobcat, it doesn't look more boxy or squarish like a Lynx face should look.
Great and very interesting photos either way, thanks for posting them!
The wilderness areas of Oregon are so vast that nothing would surprise me. Did I ever tell the story about big foot. :mrgreen:
c pierce said:
Did I ever tell the story about big foot. :mrgreen:
I hear they're a bear to drag without a buckcart..... What's the bag limit up to these days? :lol:
Drew the hard part is getting past the smell. :mrgreen:
Now you can slap me silly if you want but that cat looks like a hybrid between a bob cat and lynx.
Cpeirce The wolves that were reintroduced into north Idaho were turned loose aboout the same time they turned loose a bunch of grizzlie to.We already had grizzly and they brought in more. There wasnt very many and you didnt see them very often but bringing more in is crazy.The californians have literaly taken over north Idaho and have voted them selves into most of the offices from cops all the way up. They moved in like locusts in the eighties. Got into the forest service and fish and game and started tree hugger programs all over drove property up drove wages down. Then started there cuddly wolf and cutsey griz bear thing. they built roads into pristine lakes full of fish we used to hike into and fished them out.I could go on and on what a plague they are. They did the same thing in north western montana.They think the wilderness is glacier park and its like a free way there the animals are almost tame.Even celeberties moved in up around kalispell hungry horse area. Missoula is mostly californians now.CouerDAlene 40 miles away from where I am from even looks like a california town. The lake used to be so nice before the plague came.You can hardly get on it any more for the californians. They bought up all the lake side property and just made it a ant nest of a pit like back in california.You go over into the saint joe drainage area or the north fork of the CouerD Alene during hunting season and you see nothing but rvs tents atvs running every where and the mountians echoeing with boom boom boom shots from all directions. Looks like the gold rush towns you see in the movies.
I bet it wont be long they decide we dont have enough wolverines or think its a good idea to bring in siberian tigers nothing californians do suprises me any more.
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Onenut I feel your pain, we were taken over a long time ago. The part that burns me up is I was born and raised in San Diego in the 40's 50's It was like heaven on earth. Then the people started flooding in from the east, and brought their politics and corruption with them. So I escaped to Oregon and the same bunch after destroying Calif are in the process of doing the same to Oregon. X(
c pierce said:
Drew the hard part is getting past the smell. :mrgreen:
Ya gotta start taking the "Antlerless" ones .... :cool:
Cpierce I understand completely I hope you understand that it isnt all californians I am talking about. It is the ones from LA that are arrogant have a superior attitude and little to know common sense that move in large numbers and take over and start making laws and destroying and doing the same thing to my state they did to theres.They come in two forms ecco nuts and ecco destroyers.
As far as the city peukes from back east. Go in google earth then type Mullan Idaho. You will be looking at the Idaho montana border where I grew up. Just follow along I-90 and look at the mountain sides on either side for twenty miles Look at the large areas where there is no timber. Massive clear cuts right in prime hunting country.The forest service did not do that.They tried to stop it.The forest service would not let them punch roads in and fought them tooth and nail. But it was the mining companies that did it under a law that falls under mine claims.Asarco who is now out of buisness and Helca mining company did it. When the forest service said no new roads they just helicopter logged it.All most all the land for miles along I-90 through what they call the silver valley. Any one holding a mining claim is allowed to improved that claim and cutting the timber for future mining is allowed. Hecla mining is a new york based company and they are who decided to do it.
I under stand how eastern city peuks are.
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