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Blast from the Reloading Past...

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I just bought a box of reloading components and other misc. items, and some of the items bring back memories of my earliest reloading days.

One of my favorite rifle powders:

Check out the amateurish Hodgdon label:

...a brick of old Rem. primers - check out the price of the .243 bullets! The Hornady .45s were $4.11! The .338 bullets was the item I really wanted out of the box, but everything will be used.

Some Sierra Gas Checks - and some Hornady Gas Checks in a metal can!

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I bought the whole box strictly to get my hands on the Hornady .338 bullets - which have been discontinued. I didn't look too closely at anything else, but it turns out that everything in there - including for the little holster - will be of use to me! I feel like I really lucked out with no surplus junk to get rid of. It even turns out that all of the gunpowder cans, except for the old DuPont 4759 can from the '40s, are still sealed, so most of it is probably still good to use.

There are some M1 Carbine tools down in the bottom along with some items I can't ID. I will post a photo later to help identify them.

All my other Hornady GCs are packaged in the red and white boxes - and they're pretty old. :) The Sierras state that they were made by Harris Machine. I can't remember how long it's been since Sierra offered gas checks in their lineup.

Just feel lucky and thankful that you actually have possession of some gas checks. Try to find some in stock somewhere! If you do find any, they will be so pricey, you might have a stroke! :?

P.S. Welcome to the S&W Forum. We all look forward to seeing pix of your single shots!

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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