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Blast from the Reloading Past...

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I just bought a box of reloading components and other misc. items, and some of the items bring back memories of my earliest reloading days.

One of my favorite rifle powders:

Check out the amateurish Hodgdon label:

...a brick of old Rem. primers - check out the price of the .243 bullets! The Hornady .45s were $4.11! The .338 bullets was the item I really wanted out of the box, but everything will be used.

Some Sierra Gas Checks - and some Hornady Gas Checks in a metal can!

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XTM, what do you mean old time stuff?? That looks like some things from my stash! :shock: Still have lots of those Hornady tins of gas checks. Dave
:) Xtm, thanks for the welcome. I've been buying up gas checks for quite some time. Any that are priced half way reasonable. I do quite a bit of cast bullet shooting, and try to use a plain base when I can. I just got a new digital camera when I retired, so when I get the wifes new HP printer figured out I'll try and post some pictures. Dave
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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