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Big AZ Deer

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These Pictures were taken by a freind in his Front yard in Prescott Valley AZ. Said the deer came to drink and spent nearly 25 minutes at the Barrel. WOW

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Wow Mom Wow! That's a terrific deer. It's deer like that one that get's us out of bed at 3:30am to freeze to death in a windy deer stand. And our wives don't understand!!??

Nice buck!
An interesting thing about that Muley, as the typical muley buck gets older, they tend to get the 'wild hair' of antlers and go 'non-typical'. {the reason of few Boone and Crockett record muleys in the South West}. This one seems to be immune to that.
Wow look at all them knife handles.Looks like a lot of steak standing there to.Why I would shoot him in the neck and have him in the freezer in a jiffy.Be chowin down on backstrap and telling how he dam near killed me before I got out my buck knife and killed him with my bare hands.I would then get that hide tanned and some of it made into a bikinni for the ole lady and seat cover my harley.
It's time to install a feeder for the deer and they will start showing up more often then during the season all you have to do is sit on the porch drink a beer and take your pick.
WOW !!! That is one magnificent muley..........I would loooooove to see that one in my "scope"!!!!!!!!

Nice rack!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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