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Bianchi BUMMER holster

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I always try new things and I love the Bianchi model 100 for my 1911 pistol. This is the inside the pants type of holster.
Anyway, I went to try the same type for my little 38 J frame I tote around. I placed the holster inside the pants and placed the revolver in. It felt like the gun may pop out easily, not a good thing. I figured that I should at least try it at home before hitting the streets. So, I went to wash the truck. The revolver popped out of the holster whacking the pavement leaving a couple good scars on the frame. :oops: Well, at least I don't have to call the police and inform them, as I was riding my motorcycle the gun fell out of it's holster and it's somewhere on route 84! #:-s
I tested this holster and it utterly failed. It is being sent back!
SAY NO TO THE MODEL 100 for the J frame!!!
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I've told this story many times before. I had the same experience with my M-36, when using an UM's nylon open top IWB clip on holster. When I squatted down, my thigh came in contact with the barrel, and pushed the gun out of the holster. It then fell onto the floor, with a 'too loud' crash. Everybody in the gunshop heard it!!!! :oops: Bob
I'm really sorry to hear that..
Thats the reason I use a Bianchi 3S IWB. Here it is with my 60-4.
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I agree, the model 100 is not that great for smaller handguns. I used to use one for a Sig 229 and I think that's about as small as one should go with that holster.

A quick fix would be to make a hammer loop for it (like what is used on a lot of CAS holsters). All you need is a 3" piece of leather boot lace.

It's not conducive to a quick draw, but it will keep it secure.
Leighton said:
Thats the reason I use a Bianchi 3S IWB. Here it is with my 60-4.

My gun I carry is the 649 bodyguard. That's the one that I had to refinish last night. I took the scars out! :ymapplause: Your holster won't work for me. It doesn't have a hammer spur so strapping it in that fashion is impossible for the 640 & 649.

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I have this one coming. With luck it will work. ... lster.html
If not take a look at Galco's summer comfort IWB, I've got some pic's of it with my 640ND, but the lip band on the holster actually locks in behind the cylinder holding it in place. Its a very snug fit. You can't even shake the gun loose.

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Thank you!

If Bianchi fails me again, yours is what I will order!!
I used to have a Bianchi 100 clip on IWB holster. I found it to be too long for my use. I have a long back/short waist, and it wasn't suitable for my body build! Very uncomfortable!!! I now use a Don Hume IWB w/belt loops......which is great!!!! ;) Bob
I have used the Galco for many years with an old body guard it works flawlessly.

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