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Best way to carry the CSX?

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Do you carry your CSX:

1. Hammer fully cocked with safety on.
2. Hammer in half-cocked position.

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Cocked and locked like my 1911 and my other SAO pistols. The half-cock notch is there to catch the hammer if the sear somehow slips off of the full cock notch and not as an alternative carry method. Prob should be called something other than half-cocked notch to avoid the confusion of it's purpose.
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I've carried a 1911 for around 15 years or better. So for me the answer is sweeping the safety is easier and less likely to get botched. It's ingrained in muscle memory and I do it reflexively no matter what pistol is in my hand - even ones without a safety. It's also more ergonomically sound, it doesn't require fumbling around the beavertail when shooting single handed or use of the support hand to thumb the hammer and get the pistol into action, and the pistol gets into action faster.

Others might come to a different conclusion, but they should consider these questions while trying to come to a decision: What allows them to bring the gun into action and crank off an accurate first shot fastest? Leaving the pistol at half-cock and trying to thumb the hammer on the draw, or leaving the pistol fully cocked and sweeping the safety off? And perhaps more importantly, which are they more likely to botch when SHTF and they're in the middle of a panic induced adrenaline dump? Keep in mind operating these things under stress is a little different than having a relaxing day at the range or working the controls with an empty chamber in the safety of the living room (or wherever one does their dry fire practice).

I don't think using the half cock notch will hurt anything, but I also don't think it's the best way to use this type of pistol. If one isn't comfortable carrying with a loaded chamber and the hammer fully cocked, I'd sooner suggest carrying with an empty chamber over trying to carry the gun fully loaded with the hammer on the half cock notch.
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Thanks to both of you. Your reasoning is sound and your experience appreciated. I have come to the same conclusion and carried fully cocked yesterday. As long as you are careful to not sweep the safety off when holstering, I don't have any worries.
I keep my thumb under the safety with up pressure when holstering to keep from bumping it off.
I pin the hammer down with my thumb while holstering a hammer fired pistol. That way there can't be an 'oops' if something unexpected happens while holstering the weapon. Then I'll sweep the safety to make sure it's still engaged.
I carry my Kimber full size 45 with the hammer cocked but the holster strap between the hammer and the body., when carry it. Most times I carry my 2 shot derringer (single action) in my pocket. My philosophy is, it may only hold 2 shots but if 2 45 LC's aren't enough, I have a serious problem. It is a butt kicker concerning recoil.
I carried cocked and locked and have encountered no problems. When I go to the range I will practice drawing and shooting with the safety on. It doesn't appear to be a problem in dry fire. Safety comes off easily.
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