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Best read I've found on the sigma!

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Excellent Erich! My compliments, sir!

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Great information, Thanks. I am new to this site and looking for a trigger job for my Sigma 40.
What we've come to expect from Erich's write ups. Great pictures as well.
Nice. Its nice to see the sigma is getting some!
How kind of you! :)

I've been thinking that I ought to re-vamp it and import it over here. Might be something to do here soon. Thanks!
Erich- Please, re-vamp away!

I'd love to read it. Your writing skills are so good, even an old Texan like me can understand! :D

I've had my eye on the mighty sigma for a long time. I just haven't taken the plunge yet. It's the most ergonomic 9mm my hand has ever felt! Lot of people are standing up and saying good things about it these days! My daughter loves it and has been pushing me to get one (the 9VE).

My best to you, sir!

My Sigma is my daily carry weapon. My only complaint is that because of my small hands and my usual grip, I get some thumb bite on recoil. Oh, golly gee, I'll have to practice some more. It is the best semi auto I have ever used, and that includes all I came in contact with during my military career.

I like my Sigma .40ve. It hits what I point it at, and doesn't jam. Can't ask for a better weapon. My only gripe is the lack of ambidextrous controls ( I'm a leftie and can't engage the slide lock with it in my left hand), but that's a minor gripe. For $200 less than a M&P, I can live with it. :)
Thanks, Lee - I've got to get on it. Steve, I'm also a southpaw. With the Sigmas (as with the Glocks) a "slingshot" of the slide is generally the best way to release the slide. I consider the slide hold-open lever to be just that on these guns, as opposed to a "slide release." :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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