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Battle of the .22's I need your vote!

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I don't really know which section this would best be in, so I just chose this one. I currently do not have a 22 handgun..I does that really happen. I am really a smith guy, and usually more of a revolver guy. That said, unless some forum member wants to donate a 22 handgun for me and the wife to plink with..I'm gonna start (trying) to save up for a 22...gonna be hard as I am going to be a father in November!!! (prayers needed for this big time please!) I thought I would try to find a 6" model 17, but now I also think that a Model 41 wouldn't be bad, lots of people seem to really like them. So, what's your vote and why. ( Anyone donating a 22 handgun to a broke soon to be father, just pm for my address :D )
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Prices right now the 17 is gonna be cheaper. I occasionaly run accross a 617 for under $500. I haven't seen any 41's for less than $700. Keep looking maybe one will find you. James
No help on the 22 revolver soon-to-be-new-dad :D but I can tell you a Mod 17 in any dash # will be a handgun you and your son or daughter will have a ball with for life.

Start savin' pocket change now and by November... :mrgreen:
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Sorry, no donation. For a plinker my vote is for the 17 or an 18. The 41 will cost more and in my experience can be very ammo finnicky.
I can't believe you pay dues to the SWCA and don't have a S&W .22 pistol but, that said K22 is and will always be one of my favorite handguns. New pistols have always been a top priority for me, new clubs can wait and I don't care what others think of me or my personal tastes. To each his own.
As much as I like K-22's and I agree you should have one, maybe given the current situation with funds maybe you should shop for a good used Ruger Mk.II .22 Auto Pistol. You should be able to find one for about half of what you'd pay for a like K-22.

That will get you going, and if you buy quality, you should always be able to trade up when you get a few extra bucks later. But meantime you will shooting and not waiting.

These days, if you don'r reload, then .22 Rimfire is about the only affordable option to keep you at the range..... everybody NEEDS a good .22.

Good Luck!

I hate it when Drew does that. I was about to suggest the same thing. I would, however, include the Browning Buckmark. I have a couple of them and believe they are the next best gun after my Colt Woodsman pistols.

Good luck!
S.B. said:
I can't believe you pay dues to the SWCA and don't have a S&W .22 pistol
I know I know... I don't currently have any handguns that are not Smith's...just don't have a 22....I've been buying a lot of 44's and 38/357's lately. I have had a few of the Rugers Mk guns in the past, but didn't like them well enough to not trade them off. You may be right about getting a different brand for now, I may not have a choice for a wife took me looking at cribs and car seats the other day :shock: :? I can not believe how much those things cost!! I'm gonna be in triple lock range before long! I appreciate the opinions nonetheless.
Quarter Cherokee said:
I hate it when Drew does that. I was about to suggest the same thing.
Good luck!
Ya gotta be fast on your feet if'n your gonna stay ahead of me QC.... then again, a couple of time zones and a whole pot of coffee are in my favor.... :D

Another very good option would be a .22 conversion kit for an existing frame Auto Pistol if you have one.... such as an Advantage Arms .22 Kit for a Glock, or a Ceiner conversion for a 1911, Browning Hi-Power, A SIG Conversion Kit or others.....

I have the Advantage on my Glock 22 and really like it!

QC, I'm glad you mentioned the colt woodsman. I was over visiting my grandfather the other day and he always gets out his guns and we look at em and he tells how he came into all of them. He had one of the stainless Colt target 22's..which I think was just a reintroduction of the woodsman. It looked like an ok gun, built a lot like the buckmark and MK guns..same style anyway. That may be an option if they are decent guns, he would probably give me a good deal on it anyway.
Sebago, a conversion kit would probably be the easiest, but like I said I'm really into revolvers I only have one auto. It's a 1086, doubt they have a conv. kit for it but I could always check.
Obviously, my recommendation for a .22 wheelgun would be a
M-17 or 18.
Drew and QC are onto something here...
The Ruger MK II (512, etc.) is positively the most bang for the buck there is!
My personal favorite .22 target gun is this 1957 S&W M-46 (the poor man's M-41).
It must have some kind of 'Somali homing device', as it hits targets I know I'm incapable of hitting! :lol:
All the best on that upcoming fatherhood thing, too,
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The K22 would be a classic choice but it's hard to find a really good deal on one these days. About 3-4 years ago I bagged a 22 Combat Masterpiece off GunBroker for $265 and about 6 months ago I picked this up at a local show for $325.

Really, IMO the best value in a 22 pistol is the Ruger Standard Auto. I have bought 4 or 5 of them over the years and always paid $100 (although it would be tough to find one that cheap now). All were given away as gifts save the last one which I kept after discovering it was made the year I was born.

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Get the today's touchy feely anti-gun environment, there's a chance he might grow up not liking guns...if that happens, giving the Ruger to someone esle will hurt less than the 17...;)
I'd suggest a Ruger Single Six Hunter model. One of the more accurate .22 handguns made. It features a conversion cylinder to .22 Magnum, interchangeable front sight, and integral scope rings on the ribbed barrel. The Ruger rings make it easy to go back and forth to the guns fixed sights.

sipowicz said:
Get the today's touchy feely anti-gun environment, there's a chance he might grow up not liking guns...if that happens, giving the Ruger to someone esle will hurt less than the 17...;)
Sip....what do ya mean he....I never said it was a do you have access to those files????
I appreciate all the opinions and the pics, nice guns guys! Giz, I don't think I've ever seen one of the single six hunters, I'll check those out. Although I may end up with a ruger....then again...DHENRY's 46 looks pretty sweet......ahh, too many choices!
I'd pick a S&W K-22, Combat masterpiece, or a good Ruger Single Six as some of the best. Frank
Nice Roogar there Giz, but not everybody wants a cowboy gun!!!! kihfL Bob
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