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backordered, coming in, already sold etc.

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The geoff40 ammo scene of late:
I can get some stuff. Primers are diminishing quickly off the shelves, no 2400 for a few months now. Glad I bought a few extras while they had them. Bullseye is almost gone, not quite. 3 days ago the new Winchester brass bins were full of 100 count bags, yesterday 90% is gone, many calibers sold out. I haven't seen a can of One Shot in months, I am not sure what I am going to do about lube. Bullets-fmj and standard black gun plinking stuff- are sporadic, stock is in now but that too will be pretty much gone in a few days, no doubt. The other stuff-shelves normally solid red with Hornady bullets, or yellow Speer boxes, etc, are 1/4 full maybe, I never knew the walls behind then were bare panel.
3 pallets of surplus 5.56 is coming in, and its ALL already spoken for, just between 2-3 guys! That is just nuts IMO. But a pallet of '93 surplus .308 arrived yesterday, 66 cents a round. No, they are not going to ship any. No brass 5.56 to be seen, very little 7.62X39, or the others.
The reload man is 3-4 months on backorder. He tells me that 90% or better of his product is already sold these days, before he even gets the bullets for them in. He has no 9mm, no .40, no .45 ACP, and customers waiting.bHe is trying to stock up for show season, but he sells it faster than he can produce it. I buy some items from him, or I have in the past anyway, because he turns out great product that has always been well worth buying. he's got probably a 1500 square foot operation all set up with gazillions of Dillons, each permanently set up with specific calibers/loads, plus he has an old commercial/automated 148 grain 38 Special wadcutter machine, that one alone does about a half million rounds a year. Or it has up til now. He is having a hard time getting lead for it now. One of these days if he lets me, I'll take a few pics of his operation and post them. That'll make some eyes open!
This is all crazy. Sure I have a hoard like you probably do, but how much stuff do we need? If you can carry 1-2K rounds maybe, without carrying anything else mind you, why keep buying cases of extra ammo? I am sure there is enough ammo in private hands in this country for the next 3 or 4 revolts. :eek:) I think right now we are being our own worst enemies. The costs of raw metals has dropped through the floor, yet ammo keeps going up. Who is raking who?
Yeah I know Obama is coming, and the boogywoman herself too. IMO they can propose legislation all they want, lets see what they can succeed in banning or making us turn in. You think they aren't paying attention to these record gun/ammo sales? All the time mindful of the election a$$ kicking they got for their last ban? Or that 75% or more of the general population believes that the 2A is an individual right? Ha! Its already too late, and they know it. Micro-stamping? Heck, they can't do a trace using 4473s, how are they possibly going to succeed with micro-stamping?
Too bad we couldn't all just stop buying ammo or components for a month or 2, to let our own markets "stabilize".
Thanks for reading my ravings. I get this way if I haven't taken my meds.
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Well, It's now April 12 and our local sporting goods stores are still dry. I bought the last two boxes of .38 special three weeks ago and they haven't had any since. .22 LR is down to 4 bricks of one brand and no other. I've never seen empty ammo shelves before. Have they quit making the stuff? Our local retailer can't get any shipments....period. Why? Can't be that all is spoken for before it arrives. Retailer says he can't get any.
c pierce said:
Hi Jack where have you been trying to buy amo.
Bi Mart is our only "local" retailer. Their shelves are really bare. Just went down to buy one of those .22 bricks and they are closed today. Didn't think about it being Easter. I haven't looked in town yet. Didn't feel the need until my son from Newberg came down and told me he wasn't able to get anything there. When we went to Bi Mart here, all they had was 5 bricks of .22 (off brand) and I was afraid they were probably heavily waxed. He bought one and they weren't waxed at fact made by Federal. Shot well in his new Ruger Mk III 22-45. The only ammo they had for anything was just the little used stuff.

Too bad about Joes'. One of my favorite stores. They supplied the cargo carriers for my canoe trailers. I'll need to find another.
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