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Back into S&W revolvers!

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Since 1989 when the Dept. I worked for switched to semi-autos I've not owned a revolver except for a 640 I carried as a BUG. After retiring I decided to try a revolver again and bought a new 10 round 4" 617. Now I'm hooked! In the past year I've purchased the following:

617 4"
686 4"
686+ 4"
63 4"
60 3"
And today I picked up my Jerry Miculek 625 4".
I think I'm sated for awhile (at least my wife hopes so) but, I may need another 640, LOL. Shooting is fun again!
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I'm back in them, too. Of course, I always had my Smith snubbies, my old Model 19 Service Revolver and my wife's 317 ( a newer acquisition, maybe late-90s),

But recently the bug has bitten me for Smiths and a few Colts. I bought a 1905 4 inch, then a 6", then an Officers Model Match, and I have a 5" Pre-model 10 enroute. Then there's the K-38 with the 4" Douglas barrel on it for Bullseye (I don't know who did this, but it is well-done) the "Combat Snubby" which is a shortened Model 10 (about 3" barrel length) with an Aristocrat (IIRC) rib for PPC (don;t know who did this one either, but it is neat, odd-but neat).

The 6" 1905 has an original Wonder-Sight on it, and I have a new one ready to put on the 4" 1905. I always like them, though I don't really know why. I'll leave the Pre-model 10 alone with its fixed sights.

Since this is the Revolver forum, I won't talk about the 39-2 and 3913 I recently bought. :mrgreen:

And, I still am looking for more.

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