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Back into S&W revolvers!

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Since 1989 when the Dept. I worked for switched to semi-autos I've not owned a revolver except for a 640 I carried as a BUG. After retiring I decided to try a revolver again and bought a new 10 round 4" 617. Now I'm hooked! In the past year I've purchased the following:

617 4"
686 4"
686+ 4"
63 4"
60 3"
And today I picked up my Jerry Miculek 625 4".
I think I'm sated for awhile (at least my wife hopes so) but, I may need another 640, LOL. Shooting is fun again!
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Thanks Ralph! Before I can buy any more wheelguns, I'm probably going to have to sell some of my autos and hate to give any of them up (probably will though) :D
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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