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Back into S&W revolvers!

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Since 1989 when the Dept. I worked for switched to semi-autos I've not owned a revolver except for a 640 I carried as a BUG. After retiring I decided to try a revolver again and bought a new 10 round 4" 617. Now I'm hooked! In the past year I've purchased the following:

617 4"
686 4"
686+ 4"
63 4"
60 3"
And today I picked up my Jerry Miculek 625 4".
I think I'm sated for awhile (at least my wife hopes so) but, I may need another 640, LOL. Shooting is fun again!
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Hi Rich,

Welcome back to the land of wheelies. Boy, do I ever know what you mean about rediscovering revolvers.

I bought my first handgun, a M28-2 when I turned 21 which is the legal age in California. Five years later I added a 29-2 and then it wasn't until the M16-4 .32 H&R Magnums came out when I bought what was my last S&W revolver. From then on it was self feeders.... Glocks & 1911's.

Fast forward to about 4 years ago when I learned about and joined the S&W Collectors Association, and developed an interest in 5 screw K-Frames and bought a M&P 1905 4th Change made in 1922, next came a K-22 and a K-38 from the mid 50's, and before I knew it they've ended up having lots of friends in the gun safe :D

I'm also starting to become hooked on S&W 3rd Gen auto's after I bought a PD marked 4506-1 and then a 4006CHP. Now that S&W has dropped all of the large caliber metal framed auto's from their regular line up, it's going to be a bit difficult to resist getting more, but I think revolvers will still have an edge.

Being that it is Valentine's Day tomorrow, I would be remiss if I didn't say that I am lucky to have a great wife. Not only does she understand my S&W addiction, she often asks me "so when are you going to go get it, I want to go see it too" when I start talking about something that's caught my eye.

That sure is a great pick up getting that Jerry Miculek 625 4", congrats!!
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