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An early evening invasion of a campground as the wild ponies make their rounds. The grill you see on the right, while some may find distracting, is part of the make up of the landscape. This being the case, I left it in the photo.

A FEW OTHERS FOUND HERE:[email protected] ... 350503126/
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I thought it was going to be another Carradine thread

Nice work though!
Very pretty! kfjdrfirii
Where's Assateague?

You're right, that grill does draw attention.

Beautiful photograph.

(Never mind, I Googled Assateague.)
I had not seen the grill until I read your post...the power of suggestion.

BTW...our natives are popping up in the prairie grass around our home...Purple Cone Flowers are some of my favs.

Nice pic!!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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