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Argghghgh! Poor little S&W!

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It's been awhile since I looked at the guns sitting in our dept's armory. We used to shoot skunks with the Model 19-5. We've used to having training in the past and we used the Model 37 No Dash and the Colt Diamondback. I hadn't really thought about how valuable these guns would have been if they were in better shape and not so beat up. Talk about working revolvers! The shotgun has molten steel or lead filled into its bore so it won't shoot. Nobody knows where it came from. I've been on 21 years and the "old guys" from when I started didn't know how it came to be in our armory!

Oh, and then there's this 9 shot .22 H&R!

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I'll take the Diamondback! Great Karma!
Yea, too sad to think about the nice ones destroyed.
They were made to use, and those obviously gave honorable service -- with the possible exception of the shotgun. That little 9 shot H&R is similar to the first firearm I ever shot, at 4 years old. Dad's was even older, though, because his didn't have a swing-out cylinder.

Obviously, I'm no collector.
The H&R does it for me!
Reminds me of my late Grandfather's.
He used it when he worked as a night watchman, a bazillion years ago!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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