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I recently purchased a folding stock adaptor for one of my AR's. I've seen reports and videos on them for a year or so, and I thought it would be cool to get one and try it out.
Last week it finally came in, and I mounted it onto one of my rifles to check it for fit and function.
I was visiting Shootergranny from the forum, and I took it with me to the range. I was concerned that because I'm left handed it might cause me some issues wit blowing gas into my face at the hinge mating point, or thru the ejection port. The adaptor also has a plug that is mounted into the back of the Bolt carrier to add length so the bolt will hit the buffer from the added 2" or so the adaptor takes up., and I was concerned about the rifle not being able to cycle the bolt properly with the extra weight of the added plug.
I tried it out and had no issues with it at all. I shot slow single, and a few fast fire cycles, and it ran flawlessly, and I had no gassing issues. The rifle left nearly 30 empty casing in a small pile about 2 ft in diameter at the 3 o'clock position form where I was standing during the shooting evolution. I'm super stoked about this adaptor and plane to add a couple more to the collection I have. I'm especially looking forward to putting it on my 300 blackout pistol. With the folder it'll be the prefect length for carrying it on our travels.

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