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Any one got any experience with a 22a

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I was wondering if any of you own a 22a and what your opinons of them are. They look like nice little plinkers but I dont know much about them. I know you can change barrels around like with a model 41.I was thinking of getting one for my woman.Whos been carressing my model forty ones and leturously looking at them and making comments such as I dont need two of them.
This is a very distressing thing for me that I feel maybe a 22 a would cure.
But if they are junk I dont want to waste my money.

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You can sure buy one cheap.I read a few reviews on them and they were realy mixed some said they were very picky with ammo some said they ate any thing.Some said you gotta break them in and they do fine.I figured in here I could get some honest feed back on them.I heard they were as accurate as you can shoot. I think they are ugly as the day is long though and I would definately get her a red dot for it.With a scope or red dot it breaks up that air craft carrier looking scope mount on them.
Thanks for the reply kevets
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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