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Another newbie from the olde country

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Hi, folks. Having come to grief thorough associating with wicked (and funny) companions :mrgreen: , I find myself looking for a new home. This place has a lot of folks with familiar names, so I've signed up. Despite what some may think, I really am into S&Ws, mostly k-frames of the fixed sight variety, and look forward to posting some pics of recent aquisitions. And I promise to be good and not discuss holidays which may still be felonies in some states.
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Welcome mjr. Nice to see you here. I see you have triple the post count here in 1/10th the time it took you elsewhere. :D

So I take it from your post you have sworn off all felonious company? Bit of a conflict at work I bet. ;)

Please don't forget to post here in Revolvers.

Regards 18DAI.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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