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I wrote this during the year I was retiring. These two cops in the story are still now working together on a proactive crime fighting team that accounts for more bad guys off the street than even their own department wants to acknowledge because it would send a message that crime is out of control, oh heavens no, that cannot happen.... Merry Christmas!

Well the son did it to me again, another pride attack!!!

Yesterday was a hard day for us and for the general police support family in the area as we received extremely bad news related to a now former officer who we feel met with a horribly unjust prosecution by a politically motivated County Attorney's office and former police chief in order to make a statement related to the infamous Arizona SB1070 immigration bill passed some 3 years ago. Suppressed supporting testimony at both the Grand Jury and subsequent criminal trial, combined with the testimony of a proven, bold-faced lying officer who, because of his cowardly actions and wanting to cover it up, allowed a man to die needlessly and sent a good man to prison for at least 7 years, if he isn't simply killed by the prison population for being an ex-cop. That's all I'm going to say about this case, it can be researched, but I'm only bringing it up to set the backdrop of my mindset by reading comments in local media from 'good citizens' gleeful at the possibility of this ex-cop or any cop to hopefully be tortured and slain because they're bullying pigs….nuff said.

Still depressed about the helplessness of the news, when the son called this morning on his way to the gym prior to heading into work, he did mention something from his shift last night that I wanted to share. It seems he and his partner got enough of a break from calls to actually stop for something to eat at probably 8 or 9 PM (a rarity). A popular sub sandwich shop, the son walked in, but his partner stayed outside to make a phone call to his wife. Well the son looks behind him and sees that he has been joined by what initially looked to be a homeless/transient/street person due to the clothes and knit cap, a younger black male. The son has ordered his sandwich and this other individual moves to the counter to order under a watchful eye, who has noticed that this isn't a grown man, but a kid. He hears him order and ask the lady behind the counter if $5 bucks will be enough as that's all he had. Well, it wasn't, but because his voice was obviously that of a kid, she kindly said to just order and she'd cover it. Right then out front, the city bus pulls up and the kid immediately apologizes to the lady saying he can't wait for the food because that's the last bus and he has to go.

Okay, now intrigued the son asks the woman behind the counter as to how old she thinks the guy is and she guessed 14. The son walks out tells his partner what happened and his partner simply suggested he, my son give his sandwich to the kid. Well, he thought about it, but heard his and the kid's order, which were completely different, so he said he had another idea. The two cops saw the bus load and the kid put a bicycle on the front rack and loaded up with other folks. My two cops then went onto the bus, told the driver to hold up and called the kid out. Asking how old he was, he respectfully stated he was 14 and offered up his student ID card. They asked why he was in the area and he said that he heard of a local church that was putting on a Christmas play and really wanted to see it. When they asked where he lived, it was nearly 10 miles away to the southwest (another crappy area) and if he didn't make this last bus, he'd have to ride his bike in the dark all that way through too many bad neighborhoods to describe. Asked if he was hungry, he said, yes sir officer, I'm starving.

The son stepped up onto the bus and told the driver to hold the bus and the driver said he had two minutes. The son responded by telling him he was being ordered by a police officer to hold and the bus wasn't going anywhere until he released it. I'm not sure that's actually legal or not, but the son can be VERY persuasive when he's on the job and explains how things are going to go down. They walked the kid into the sandwich shop, the order-taking-lady quickly pulled the kid's sandwich together, the son paid for it and they walked him back onto the bus where a stunned load of folks looked on. The kid, with all the respect in the world could not thank them enough for their kindness and actions.

There are many lessons to be learned from this simple event; for me, for that kid, those two cops, the bus full of people, the sub shop worker, everyone. I told mama-san about it after she returned from her volunteer work at the elementary school and if you can believe it, I think I saw tears in her eyes as she headed to the back of the house….she must have been chopping onions in the kitchen. Well, tonight's another night, plenty of opportunity for the son and his partner to get firmly back onto the hated pig list, but that won't be me, I'll be simply beaming in the dark from pride!

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There are fine officers all over, they just don’t get the ink for the good things they do. I tell officers “Thank you” whenever I can make a chance. It’s a tough job, and every SOB has a camera to record a piece of the incident. Not the whole thing,just... Hank.
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