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All SWCs weren't designed by Elmer Keith

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Here are three similar but different .429" SWCs:

The one on the right is RCBS 44-250KT. With WW alloy, this one drops at ~265gr. I'm told that this is the closest modern .44 cal. mould to Elmer's original design - and this is the best bullet I've ever found for any of the .44 Specials or Magnums I've had. A lot of this bullet seats out well ahead of the case - giving lower chamber pressures than one that seats deeper.

The one on the left is Lyman 429421 and drops bullets at ~240gr. If you look closely, you will note that it is slightly shorter than the RCBS version, and has a narrower front driving band than the RCBS version. The only reason I still keep this mould is because it is a 4-banger and can really churn out a pile of bullets in a short time.

The center bullet is a SWC, but was designed by Ray Thompson, a forest ranger and casts at about ~250gr. Thompson's answer to leading problems was to stick a gas check on it. Skeeter Skelton was a proponent of the Thompson design, and so was I until the price of gas checks became so high, I no longer consider this bullet worthy of my thrifty Scots heritage. This is a great bullet for a .44 Magnum rifle - if it will cycle and chamber reliably in your gun.

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We have a Fellow Forum Member, Jesse Clark, who's in the Cast Bullet Business..... Jesse calls himself "nkjnut". His website lists Keith Bullets and while I've never used any of his slugs, I hear nothing but good about his wares on the other board I frequent.

Before I bought bullets from a stranger, I'd drop old Jesse a line.... might be worth it.

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