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All SWCs weren't designed by Elmer Keith

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Here are three similar but different .429" SWCs:

The one on the right is RCBS 44-250KT. With WW alloy, this one drops at ~265gr. I'm told that this is the closest modern .44 cal. mould to Elmer's original design - and this is the best bullet I've ever found for any of the .44 Specials or Magnums I've had. A lot of this bullet seats out well ahead of the case - giving lower chamber pressures than one that seats deeper.

The one on the left is Lyman 429421 and drops bullets at ~240gr. If you look closely, you will note that it is slightly shorter than the RCBS version, and has a narrower front driving band than the RCBS version. The only reason I still keep this mould is because it is a 4-banger and can really churn out a pile of bullets in a short time.

The center bullet is a SWC, but was designed by Ray Thompson, a forest ranger and casts at about ~250gr. Thompson's answer to leading problems was to stick a gas check on it. Skeeter Skelton was a proponent of the Thompson design, and so was I until the price of gas checks became so high, I no longer consider this bullet worthy of my thrifty Scots heritage. This is a great bullet for a .44 Magnum rifle - if it will cycle and chamber reliably in your gun.

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Jessie is known as "Bulletman" on this forum.

I second Drew's recommendation. I have used his bullets in 38/357 caliber and am waiting on an order of 41 mag bullets now. Jessie makes a great product for a very reasonable price. He gets the hardness just right. I have seen no leading from his bullets, even when pushed hard in .357 mag loads. Jessie's web site that Drew linked is basic but all the info is there. If you are really wanting a good experience, give Jess a call. His number is on the website. You will have a great conversation with a friendly feller who is very knowledgeable about guns and reloading.
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