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We're all aware that one of the non-standard parts (noncompatible with centerfire ARs) of the S&W M&P AR15-22 is the charging handle.

I have BCM "Gunfighter" handles on all my centerfire ARs, and I wanted something similar for my 15-22.

I wasn't impressed with the options for replacement charging handles for the 15-22... Too expensive, not my taste, etc.

For everybody who says "just ignore it," I use the 15-22 for local "rimfire challenge" matches, and showing clear and inserting flags means constant manipulation of the charging handle.

So, instead, I figured out that I could simply replace the latch, not the entire charging handle, with something like this:

It's less than $9, and about the same as my BCM handles, and it took me less than 10 minutes of DIY elementary gunsmithing to install it. (I have no affiliation with Strike or Midway: I'm just a happy customer.)

The "hook" of the 15-22's latch is longer and the catch for it on the frame further forward than on a regular AR, so the latch isn't actually "latching" to anything, but I don't think that's a problem: spring pressure holds the latch forward. (If it bugs me, then I might carve a "catch" further rearward on the 15-22's frame.)
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