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A trigger job.... Wolff rebound springs @ 14 Lbs would make the DA much better. Maybe a lighter spring will work, as long as the trigger resets properly. Take a stone and lightly rub the sides of the rebound block to about 80% clean, no more. Stay the heck away from the trigger / hammer hooks or you could mess up the trigger and make the gun unsafe, unless of course you know what your doing. :)
I don't like reducing the main spring however taking the spring and bending it will reduce the hammer weight, and make the trigger lighter too. This could give you misfires, if it does , tap the hammer flat again and tighten down the strain screw.

Do a search on this, it gets discussed often. Don't forget the basic tools (screwdrivers, rebound tool, Norton stone etc) to work on S&W revolvers.
When you al done, add a few drops of CLP on the moving parts.
Have fun. fnovnpoa
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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