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ISRA Legislative Alert - File a Witness Slip Today Opposing SB1966 HCA1 in House Committee Hearing.

This bill, SB 1966 with House Committee Amendment 1, is yet another attempt by Illinois State Representative Kathleen Willis to punish lawful gun owners by turning the FOID card into a punitive measure, it would require fingerprints at your expense, an in-person visit to an Illinois State Police location that will be inconveniently located - no matter where you live, and a drastic increase in fees

If you follow the link above to the ILGA website and read the bill, be aware that the amendment completely changes the bill to be an anti-gun bill that has no more content regarding Public Defenders or Bail.

This bill is scheduled to be called for a hearing tomorrow in the House Judiciary - Criminal Committee.

Please fill out a witness slip in opposition to this bill.

How To File Your Witness Slip to Oppose SB1966 HCA1

To file an electronic witness slip for this committee hearing you will use the section of the Illinois General Assembly website called "My ILGA" ( You may speed up the process for filing future witness slips if you set up a free ILGA Dashboard account by going here Create a New Account. You may file witness slips with or without that free account.

If you have an ILGA Dashboard Account, then log on to your ILGA Dashboard [click the link, then find the login icon at the top right of the page], following that return to this email and click this link to be taken to the witness slip.

If you don't have/don't want a My ILGA account you can still just click this link. to be taken to the witness slip where you will fill in the information manually for the required fields:

I. IDENTIFICATION: Enter your personal information. Enter "NA" for the Firm/Business or Agency and Title fields unless you are officially representing an organization.

II. REPRESENTATION: Enter "Myself" unless representing an organization.

III. POSITION: Indicate your position by selecting "HCA1", Not the Original Bill for the bill and by selecting the "OPPONENT" radio button for this bill:

Special Note: HCA1 just became available to be selected within the hour.
Both pro-gun and anti-gun individuals have been selecting and submitting slips for the original bill, and if you have already submitted a slip for the original bill, then please submit a new slip NOW for HCA1.
Please show your opposition NOW to this bill by filing a witness slip.

IV. TESTIMONY: Select the "Record of Appearance Only" radio button., not written testimony. This way the committee can see a quick count showing the number of people expressing opposition to the bill.

If filing manually, complete the Captcha challenge and agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Then click Create Slip.

Please file slips against this bill now!
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