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A Very Different Pair of Colts

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A nickle-plated Frontier Scout in .22WMR and a Colt folding knife

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Excellent photo and subjects, XT !
Thanks for the post.
Very nice, indeed. I had a chance a few months ago to buy one of the nickel Frontier Scouts in the wooden case. Before I had a chance to rethink it, another fella' with more sense picked it up... :lol:

Those little colts could get addicting. I have a prototype Frontier Scout in my collection with a ribbed barrel and some other neat features. Wish Colt had actually put it into production. I think it would have sold well.

A great tale for our times!
One of my stupider moves was to sell Frontier Scout 'P' # 49 for the princely sum of $ 360.
It was given to me as payment for a debt ($ 75), so I figured, why not?
All this happened many years ago, and I did TONS of research on the pistol...
AFTER I sold it.
Hell, I was into Rugers and S&W's.
The original varnished walnut grips were incredible, as most had the hard rubber.
It's like Grandpa said, "We are too soon old and too late smart."
I've shot all sorts of stuff with this revolver. Once, I even suited up in beekeepers gear to clear out a huge basketball-sized hornets nest that had gotten established in the old barn behind our place. I didn't want to damage the roof or siding with a "real" shotgun! I also borrowed a neighbor's Single Six so that I would have 12 shots at my disposal. I was attacked so fiercely after the first shot, that I don't remember any of the others - just that both guns were empty and the big paper nest was no more.

I'm a really big fan of the .22 mag revolver for point-blank rattler extermination. IMO, the fine shot loaded in the little CCI/Speer .22WMR shotshells are more destructive at close range to the head of a dangerous snake than the #9s they load in the .38 Sp. shotshells and even the .44 mag. shotshells! I've had to shoot rattlers more than once with .44 shot cartridges - not so with the .22 mag.

The Colt Scout is a wonderful revolver, and one that finds a place on my belt when walking through the woods.

This SAA 3rd generation .45 Colt 7 1/2" came my way for a short time but the cost did not allow it stay long.
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Colt SA Frontier Scout 22 that I bought from my Ph.D. thesis advisor before he passed away several years ago. He and I became very close and I consider him to be my mentor as well as my friend. This little Colt has special meaning for me.

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That one is a real pristine beauty.! If I turned mine over, you would see areas where the plating is worn off and a few spots of rust bubbling up under the nickel. :(

That nickel plated Colt Frontier Scout is quite sharp looking! Great photo!
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