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I've posted this photograph before, maybe not on this forum, I can't remember.

Even though you can't see much of the gun, this shows my Ruger Old Model Super Blackhawk in a Safariland rig from the seventies, along with some original Super Vel ammo. The Ruger features a factory brass grip frame. The vintage Jay Scott grips look incredibly chintzy today, but in the early seventies they were quite popular and they sold a ton of the things. It 1972, we didn't have all these grip making companies and custom grip makers that we have today. I actually don't remember seeing anyone making revolver grips from elk antler stag back then. And no memory at all of grips from Thailand and the Philippines. Wouldn't have bought foreign made grips anyway. Still won't.

Anyway, this isn't the original gun, but I carried an identical one in an identical Safariland rig handgun hunting with my buddy in the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains from about 1972-1975. I still consider that style of Safariland holster and belt (both suede lined) one of the best field rigs ever made. I wish I could remember my .44 hunting load. It was pretty hot...something with 2400 and either a 180-grain or a 200-grain bullet. I was partial to Hornady back then. Didn't much care for cast lead bullets. Still don't. But that's just me. Whatever the load was, the gun was sighted in for it at 50 yards.

If anyone notices the empty cartridge loop on the belt, it's in memory of my shooting-hunting-handloading buddy Chris, who passed away several years ago. We drank innumerable beers together while poring over books full of vintage photographs of cowboys and the Old West, lamenting the fact that we had been born in the 20th Century instead of the mid-1800s. It seems very strange to have outlived him.

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OHHH Nice but I shudder when I see the knuckle buster square back....:)

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