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A revolver, a leather holster, and a box of 32 longs for $50

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:p Yep, $50 with a full box of ammo.......Shoo
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Dang Shoo, you find better deals than me. Nice find, what's the story behind it?
Hi Hunter, It's a S&W copy made in Spain before Smith and Wesson filed suit, back in the 30's I believe, to stop the importation of these near identical examples. Some of these were poorly made with suspect steels while others were actually pretty well made. I did shoot this one on occasion and it worked fine. Was going to reblue it but it's time weathered patina made it look neat. Ended up trading it to someone however. Just kinda neat and makes for an interesting read if you search around on Google for the lawsuit S&W filed and won.
Hmmm, maybe I should show you the mint 4-digit serial numbered S&W Model 39 I bought for $275 ???
Okay, you twisted my arm, 4-digit serial numbered S&W 39 no dash, circa 1958-1959 me thinks, paid $275 for this minty girl:

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That is one nice 39 that you stole. kihfL
Shooboy, nice find congrats. Frank lgnngp
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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