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A question about a 36-1

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Hey all, I just came from a local fishin hole and spotted a nice 36-1 w/ a 3" tube, serial number 462XXX w/ factory diamond magnas. Now my question is this: I swear that this gun had a RB, but if I am reading SWCA correctly, only the 2" barrel had the round butt. Any ideas? Thanks.
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F150, you are correct. It is a Chief's Special.

Giz, never mind about this one. You need to keep your money for Saturday's show. ;)
Sebago Son said:
Went fishing agian without me? Now I see how you are..... :cool:

The "-1" pertains to the Heavy Barrel.

These were available in either round or square butt....


Don't think of it as fishing without you. Think of it as a scouting mission. :lol: Actually, I was scouting. Ben and I were checking on a new place to dip smelts. This place is an early run, so I'm thinking another week or two and we'll be eating well. ;)

Thanks for the info on the CS. I'll keep you posted.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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