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I had to look up the "908" to discover that it is the "value series" of the 3914 (from the mid 1990's).

The 3914 was a S&W third generation semi-auto pistol. I had a blued 3904, which was a good gun. The 908 appears to be the single stack compact variant.

After seeing the later "value series" Sigma guns, I have tended to stay away from things that S&W markets as "cost reduced". If the trigger of this gun is like that in my 3904 it was a good trigger.

I have a 4566TSW (the custom shop version of a police gun) and it's got a great trigger, which shows how good S&W could make them. I did have to replace the plastic recoil spring guide rod with a metal one to resolve some binding when it cycles.
The Value line of the 3rd gen guns were pretty decent. Worth a look if you ever come across them.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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