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Sent me this photo. I've never seen one with 10" barrel. What would it be worth? No box or stuff.


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The folks like Jim Supica have evidentally not seen such an animal, as there's no mention of it in his books.
Can't find a reference to a 10" barrel in any of my resources, and I have a pretty good 'library'.
Obviously, that gun needs a letter, and lots of close-up, high-quality photos.
Points to ask about:
1) The grips appear to have been used considerably. The wear
indicators on the blued surfaces don't, particularly on the
2) Since all barrel-stock was alleged to have started life as 8-3/4"
would S&W have hand-forged a 10" barrel?
3) The front sight looks a bit odd...I can't find a 'twin' on any of my
R.M.'s. Custom?
Again, maybe.
IF the gun would letter, it could be a 'five-figure' example for sure.
To date, the rarest (and most-valuable) R.M. is the one-off .22lr caliber 8-3/4" example.
Please follow up on this gun, and keep the rest of us posted!
After all, this is the stuff that collectors and websites live for.


I remember that one from about a year or two....ago. :mrgreen:
Think you posted it before Midnight that year so it really didn't get noticed until April had them eating out of your hand ~ hook, line, and sinker.... :D


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Don't feel too bad. The last time I put this on the other forum I had 5 people email with offers to buy it.

I also had a couple of folks blow a gasket and really raise hell about the picture.

No sense of humor, I guess.

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I forgot it was April 1st. :lol: :lol:

I knew that there was something fishy about it but I'm not very knowledgeable so I waited to find out what the experts said.

I'm glad to see that you guys have a sense of humor and don't take yourselves to seriously. I also read another gun web site (about rifles) and those guys have no sense of humor and take themselves way to seriously. :?

You guys are very informative and easy to communicate with.

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