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Never had a Harley, but I love the look of pan heads. Is the green one a Royal Enfield? I started on a Triumph, but shifted to Kawasakis for most of my riding years. I quit long ago, so I could live to be an old man, but I miss riding. What I don't miss is people not looking for a biker when they drive.

You'd get along great with one of my longest and closest friends. He restores and customizes older bikes, mostly Harley's, but has done a lot of Indians, Triumphs, and BSA's. here are a few pictures of his basement workshop:
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The orange bike has a 100 ci S&S engine.
Terry has been doing this for 40 years or more. he had an even bigger shop about 15 years ago, but tried to quit and sold everything off. he said he can't help himself, things just started accumulating again.
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