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9mm EZ Sent To S&W Per Recall

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Turn around time was about 2 weeks.


But the paperwork is bizarre.

Under 'Performed Service: Evaluate / Repair
Recall repair completed

It then goes on to vertically list every part of the pistol and next to each numbered part with the words - "Repaired/Replaced" with nary a single check mark as to what was either repaired or replaced. If anything...

Why bother with this lengthy list if you're not going to bother checking what was done...either Repaired or Replaced?

I don't get it!

Anyone else have thisbizarre paperwork with your returned/recall pistol?
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Received mine back on the 17th. Nothing was checked off on the paperwork.
Do they shoot?
I think they ought to just offer a refund if they can't correct bad functionality in a pistol. At least replace it with one that has indeed been tested. Not just one shot to get a shell case.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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