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686 mfg. date

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First of all let me say hello, I am a long time lurker here and newly registered user. This is my first post.
I currently own a 686-6 and I am very happy with it. I have recently had the chance to purchase a 686 no dash model. I am wondering if anyone could give me info as to the date of manufacture.

S & W Model 686
Also stamped 19X66

The gun is not pristine but still in very good condition including the grips. Owner is asking $300. Fair price? Any info you can give will be much appreciated.
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It's a bargan,

I am after one at a shop just South of me next state though, he wants 550 and 75 bucks shipping plus I have to pay my dealer 25 for the out of state transfer. We may come together on the price and ship US Mail instead of overnight but still will be landing the gun at 550. It's near perfect finish wise & 4 inch which is more desirable to match shooters. I want it to shoot IDPA with and if one had some finish issues would still be well worth 400 plus to me.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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