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I acquired a 669 just about a year ago. The first time I took it out to shoot I had no problems except for the screw on the safety lever backing out which seems to be quite common......

I finally got around to taking it out for the second time today and came across an issue where every time I shoot a round the hammer would fully reset all the way back and the safety would reset, like I was racking the first round. This occurred on every single shot. In order to take my next shot, I had to decock then safety off. Trigger pull was heavy just like a typical first shot. There are no issues with misfires or jamming, etc just this weird hammer issue.

From my research, my particular gun doesn't fall under the recall. Only thing I've done between the first and second range outings was cleaning and a few dry fires. To my knowledge there are no modifications.

Any ideas what could have caused this and what can be done to fix it?
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